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Magda Kern

What do I Do?

I support clients to develop public speaking and soft skills

Hi, I'm Magda. I know how hard it can be to stand in front of people and make a presentation. I know that managing a team or developing soft skills might be challenging. As a psychologist, PCC ICF business coach, soft skills trainer, and ex-vocalist, I can help you with stress management, building self-confidence, presenting like a pro,  enhancing communication, delegating tasks, developing time management and assertiveness skills, and many more.

I am a co-owner of the company Small Genius. It is a project regarding innovative children's education based on creative and empirical education in disciplines like the economy, public performance, directing, first aid, experiments, etc. As a board member, I manage recruitment, training, employer branding, and PR. During the season, I manage almost 100 employees. The services have been provided for over 16 thousand children in 7 cities.

As a visiting lecturer, I teach students public speaking and managing stress. I conducted many workshops for different entities of ETH, the University of St. Gallen, the University of Zurich, many companies and institutions, as well as private clients.

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My background

Education and concept

My education path led me through a master's in management, then psychology, and CAS post-graduate coaching studies. I operate three successful companies. By combining my business, psychological, and stage experience, I can support clients interdisciplinary. I believe that everyone can learn and develop soft skills. My style of work is very pragmatic, and I focus on practical aspects.

In 2021 I was chosen as one of the top 11 public-speaking coaches worldwide, according to the Coach Foundation ranking. I work as a public speaking trainer and Head of Speakers in TEDxZurich. I also help, among others, lawyers, vocalists, actors, lecturers, and business people in preparation for their speeches in front of hundreds of people in the audience, as well as in conducting small meetings or presentations. 

I put emphasis on educating my clients with current and scientific-facts knowledge, as well as showing tailor-made tools in the field of psychology. I don‘t sell bullshit, you get real value through hands-on exercises and methodologies developed over the years. 

Why do I Do this?

What drives me?

In the past, I was dancing and singing in a Cuban musical and at many jazz concerts and festivals. I got a classical education in cello and jazz vocals. In my free time, I dance swing and Latin dances. I love to familiarize myself with other cultures and cuisines, especially from warm parts of the globe. I have already traveled to more than 40 countries and still have a lot of new destinations on my places-to-visit list. When I have time, I love to cook and experiment in the kitchen.

Psychology and soft skills are two of the passions to which I dedicate most of my time in the form of research and self-education. Besides that, tea has been my main hobby for many years. You can always find me with a tiny cup of tea. Step by step, I explore tea plantations all around the globe, learn more about different types of local tea, and discover new flavors. After many years, I rediscovered the charm of playing the cello. I also enjoy spending time with my family and friends. You can also find me in tiny clubs, where I go for standup comedies.

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My professional education

I take care about my professional and substantive preparation to help clients. 



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