Stress management for artists

Stress management for vocalists, actors, dancers, musicians

First of the market, complex course of stress managemetn, that can transform your life for better.
This online course will provide you with knowladge

Stress managements online training for actors, singers, musicians, dancers, and all artists

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How to perform on the stage without stress?

Have you ever presented on stahe stage and your perfromance was worst then usual, beacuse of stress?

Do you feel that stress blocks your way of expressing?

Do you want to lear once, for lifetime how to deal with the stage fright?

How to deal with the stage fright as a vocalist, musician, actor, or dancer

What topic you will learn and work on?


Specifics of stress as an artist


Science behind stage fright

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Why am I stressed?


How stress can help me?

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Long-term strategies to deal with stress

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Techniques for better stress management


Personal insights

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Relaxation techniques

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CBT methods of dealing with stress

decision making

How to built mental resilience

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Believes and thouths deepening stress

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Find your personal way to manage stress


How brain works under stress


How to deal with physical symptoms like fast heart beat

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When to sick for professional help

Business coaching in Zurich

Why should you sign up for this course?

Based on 500 publications (books and researches)

Maximum content, and minimum talking

5 hours of recorded lessons

Condenced knowladge

60 modules

Summary of the most efficient, checked and proven methods in one place

You don't have to read anything anymore

Learn how to manage stress, once for life

Practical and working tools

Work on your pace comfortably from home

Course designed and conduted by the expert in this field

Stress management online course in english

How the course look like?

You will find:

70 modules divided into 70 classes

You can do one class per day, or more

5 hours of videos, that are strickt-to-the-point and summarizes the most relevant information

Self-reflection, informative

Most of the modules constist a homework and a task to do

To every module there is a dedicated video

My clients opinion about my work and the course

Check out what my clients say about working with me.

In my case it gave me space for reflection and to make decisions in my own time. I overcame my fear of making difficult decisions. The result of this is was that I moved out to Denmark where I live with my partner and I work in different industry. I learned how to connect my life and business aims and this was challenging for me. It opened me up for new perspectives and other way of thinking. If I have a hard decision to make, I use Magda’s tools very often. I know that when I’m on the edge I can find a solution. Her honesty, inquisitiveness and understanding of other people, her way of thinking and empathy are features which distinguish Magda from other coaching specialists.
Project Manager
I have a very demanding job, I have my own business and interests. I felt lost and I couldn’t reconcile all activities and duties. Because of many obligations I couldn’t make anything and I felt exhausted. Thanks to meetings with Magda, I could better systematize my actions, set priorities and find time for relax. Magda helped me plan and manage my time. I recommend her as a coach!
The world vice champion of bikejoring
Magda has been a great source of knowledge, and more importantly – she’s done exceptionally well at sharing her expertise in the form of practical advice and training. Throughout the last few months, I grew from a hopeless amateur to a promising up-and-comer in public speaking craft, and I can see the difference in how I’m speaking and how the audience perceives me. My friends even said I’m now much better at giving toasts – if it’s not the recognition of progress, I don’t know what is!
Business Development Executive
Magda has very extensive knowledge about various topics like decision making, feedback sharing, answering questions in a proper way, building team engagement, self-development, public speaking and many others. She is very humble and reliable person. You can count on her support and advice, even if the session wasn’t planned (ad hock meetings in case an urgent help is needed). Very disciplined and well self-organized person.
Board Member JTI

How does business coaching work?

What will you do?

How does business coaching work?

For whom is the stress management training?












All artists





Magda Kern psychologist, trainer and coach

Why me?

I'm a psychologist, business trainer and an ICF accredited coach at PCC level. I have been spending endless hours on my education to better help clients. I specialize in stage fright management.
Having been involved in music since the age of 10, I know how stressful it can be to present to a wider audience. I studied music in cello and jazz vocal classes in the first and second grade of music school and right from the beginning I was faced with stage fright. After years of performing at many concerts, festivals, and workshops and performing in a musical about Cuba, I have learned not only how to manage my stress, but also to turn the stage into a safe environment where I thrive. For already 10 years I operate two successful businesses. In a season I manage team of almost 100 coworkers. By combining my business and stage experience, I can guide you through the process of changing direction towards your goals. Based on my vast stage experience, I have gained the ability to provide adequate tools and methods of coaching that will support your development.
In 2021 I was chosen as one of the top 11 public-speaking coaches worldwide 2021, according to the Coach Foundation ranking. I work as a public speaking trainer and Head of Speakers in TEDxZurich. I also help, among others, lawyers, vocalists, actors, lecturers and business people in preparation for their speeches in front of hundreds of people in the audience, as well as in conducting small meetings or presentations. I put emphasize to educate my clients with current and scientific-facts knowledge, as well as show tailor-made tools in field of psychology. My mission is to help clients find their strenghts and grow. Are you ready to learn?

Life and Business Coaching Zurich

Let's work together one-on-one!

You can meet with me online for a free demo session. We can discuss how I can support you, define goals for coaching and decide if we want to continue our journey together.

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Learning process


Reaching goal

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