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Hello, I'm Magda!

Relationship Coaching

I can help you learn how to built and develope relationship through one-on-one coaching.

Relationship Coaching Switzerland

What topic we can work on?

Relationship Coaching in Zurich

Let's work together one-on-one!

We are not born with a knowledge of how to communicate, set boundaries, be a good partner, love, and recognize toxic partners. When our relationship doesn't work, we don't know why.

Being in a relationship might be rewarding. A healthy relationship can give you incredible support; a toxic one, a lot of pain and disappointment. We have influence only on ourselves. Our scope of power is how we think, communicate, or pick a good match at the beginning. These can be one of the areas which you can work on.

Sometimes even when you make an effort, the relationship doesn't work. Maybe you struggling with a decision- stay or leave? Or perhaps you are thinking “is being in a relationship is for me”? Maybe you chose over and over again the same type of toxic partner. Perhaps you want to avoid the same mistakes, learn to communicate, and build self-confidence.

I can help you become a partner with whom you would also like to be.
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how to communicate in relationship


boundries and compromises in relationship

Attachement styles

hot to find balance in relationship relationship coach zurich

Balance in relationship

hot to set boundries in relationship

Boundries and compromises

when I should leave my partner relationship coach zurich magda kern

Stay or leave him/her?

do I have to be in relatonship is being single ok

Is a relationship for me?

dating coach zurich for men and women

Dealing with disappointment

Why I repeat the same mistkes in dating and relationship

Why I repeat the same mistkes

Why I always pick the same type of partners

Why I always pick the same type of partner

how to improv satisfaction from relationship

Improving satisfaction from relationship

relationship coaching

Coaching for people in a relationship and singles in Zurich

How you can benefit?

Become a partner who you always wanted to be with

Achieve satisfaction from your love life

Learn how to better communicate, set boundaries and achieve compromises

Find out if you still want to be in relationship and who is your dream partner

Develope your relationship skills and grow as a partner

Set your relationship goals

Hello, I'm Magda Kern!

Why do people love me?

Your goals, preferences, and unique circumstances will be front and center in our coaching relationship.
Working with @MaxCoach is like having a family member who can fix everything. They know what you need, exactly when you need it.
John Doe
Very good and fast support during the week. Solved all my problems in a pressing time! Excited to see the other themes they make!
John Doe
I wish I would have thought of it first. Real estate is both attractive and highly adaptable. Nice work on your real estate. Real estate saved my businessVery good and fast support during the week. Solved all my problems in a pressing time! Excited to see the other themes they make!
John Doe

Life Relationship Coaching

Why me?

I'm a psychologist, a soft skill trainer and a coach. As a person who has both practical experience and knowledge about relationships dynamics, dating, communication, assertiveness, building self-cofidence, rules of healthy and satisfying relationship, and many more I can support you to find love and what's more important, create a healthy relationship. My coaching requires your engagement and effort towards self-developement, but it will pay out.

In my private life I'm a happy wife with a lot of experience of meeting new people and dating. This gives me a full picture how to date and cope with a partner. I put emphasize to educate my clients with current and scientific-facts knowledge, as well as show tailor-made tools in field of psychology. My mission is to help clients find love and stay in healthy relationship. For this purpose is required self-awareness and basic knowledge about relationships which I can provide with. Are you ready for love?

How it works?

How does relationship coaching work?


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Each of us has a financial genius in us that is asleep and just waiting to be awakened.

Coaching process

Have basic capabilities to take action, and willing to identify problems and work for solutions.

Own self-developement

It’s easy and it does not require financial background. You only need to show commitment.

Reaching goal

Develop your personal finances to build wealth, give back, and have peace of mind.

Life Relationship Coaching

Let's work together one-on-one!

You can meet with me online for a free demo session. We can discuss how I can support you, define a goal for the coaching process and decide if we want to continue our journey together.

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