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Hello, I'm Magda!

Dating Coaching in Zurich

I can help you learn how to date, find love and develop relationships through one-on-one coaching.

Dating Coaching for men and women in Zurich

Dating might be hard and exhausting!

You download a dating app and hope to find love. You take a selfie, start scrolling profiles, texting, spending endless hours online. Maybe you are experiencing ghosting, disappointment or you don't know how to talk on a date. Maybe you are too shy to talk to a stranger on the street. Maybe your phone stops ringing after the first meeting. Maybe you are searching for an ever-evasive unicorn which doesn't exist? What if I tell you that dating and love needs knowledge and practice the same as driving a car, speaking new language or learning a new program? Few lucky ones had a good example at home. Unfortunately, we are not taught at school and at home how to be in relationships so we don't develop soft skills, self-awareness or communication naturally which are crucial in our love lives. According to a 75-year-long Harvard study one of the most important things in life which makes us happy it is relationships. We can have money, a good career, friends, but you still might feel that something is missing. After a long day at work you would like to have someone to come home to, laugh, share successes, worries and happy moments. My mission is to educate, provide good examples of communication and help you grow as a well-rounded person, attractive and ready to be in a healthy relationship. Sometimes we make stupid mistakes can compromise a delicately-cultivated relationship. Why not take a look at it and improve this area of your life? I will not teach you manipulation techniques which don't work in the long run, but I will help you to grow to give and receive love. Are you ready for a new journey?

Dating Coaching Switzerland for men and women

What topic we can discuss and work on?

date coach dating coaching Zurich Magda Kern

How to find a partner

what to talk about on a date date coach tips date coach dating coaching Zurich Magda Kern

What to talk about on a date

dating workshops dating coach in english zurich

Dating-imagination vs reality

date coach dating coaching Zurich

What are my values?

date coach dating coaching Zurich

Who is my perfect partner?

date coach dating coaching Zurich how to be confident on a date

How to make a good first impression

date coach dating coaching Zurich what to talk about on date

How to start a conversation

date coach dating coaching Zurich Magda Kern

Is a relationship for me?

dating coach zurich for men and women

How to build self-confience

Why I repeat the same mistkes in dating and relationship

Typical mistakes to avoid

date coach dating coaching Zurich

How to recognize a psychopath

how to improv satisfaction from relationship

Female and male approach

how to find partner how to find love relationship dating coaching

How to interest someone

Why I always pick the same type of partners

Red flags on a date

how to find partner how to find love relationship dating coaching

Rules of online dating


Dating coaching for singles in Zurich

How can you benefit?

Work on you fears, negative beliefs and learn good practises

Achieve satisfaction from your love life

Develop your strengths, learn how to be an attractive partner

Set your relationships goals

Learn how to build self-confidence, make a good first impression and lead a conversation

Find your love, keep their interest and maintain the relationship

Hello, I'm Magda Kern!

What my clients tell about me?

Your goals, preferences, and unique circumstances will be front and center in our coaching relationship.
During every meeting Magdalena showed her vast knowledge and experience. Her liveness openness and warmth was on display at every moment and she always acted like a professional.
I didn't know how to find a girlfriend. My attemnts didn't actually worked out. Dating world was new to me. Magda helped me to built self-confidence and showed me the rules of dating. After our coaching I met my girlfriend and we are still together.
IT Manager
I think that she is a super coach, reliable worthy of praise and she can find help for everyone. I still have in my mind her positive attitude and that she was smiling from ear to ear during our conversations. I strongly recommend her as a coach! 😊

Dating Workshop and Dating Coaching

Why me?

I'm a psychologist, a soft skill trainer and a coach. As a person who has both practical experience and knowledge about relationships dynamics, dating, communication, assertiveness, building self-confidence, rules of healthy and satisfying relationships, and many more I can support you to find love and create a healthy relationship. My coaching requires your engagement and effort towards self-development, but it will pay off. In my private life I'm a happy wife with a lot of experience of meeting new people and dating. This gives me a full picture of how to date and cope with a partner. I put emphasis on educating my clients with current and scientific based knowledge, as well as share tailor-made tools in the field of psychology. My mission is to help clients find love and stay in a healthy relationship. For this purpose, one requires self-awareness and basic knowledge about relationships which I can provide. Are you ready to find love?

How does dating coaching work?

For whom is dating coaching?

Life Relationship Coaching

Let's work together one-on-one!

You can meet with me online for a free demo session. We can discuss how I can support you, define goal for coaching and decide if we want to contuinue our journey together.

Relationship coach Zurich

How does dating coaching work?


First demo session


Coaching process




Reaching goal

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